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Sports Injuries Physiotherapy

Sports injuries physiotherapy

Sports Injuries Physiotherapy

Sports injuries are common these days. These injuries may occur while playing any game or while exercise. Insufficient warmup , poor training etc. may cause muscle strain, or even serious injuries which may hinder the daily sports activity of a person. If these problems are not given proper medical attention and treatment, they can worsen. However, these unwanted injuries can be alleviated and prevented from happening again through the help of physiotherapy.

Sports injuries physiotherapy help in management and prevention of these injuries as well as help in athletic performance improvement and health maintenance. Nowadays safe participation in sports and exercise is important for promoting active lifestyle which is provided by physiotherapists and other exercise specialists. Players are at risk of injury can sustain injuries to the head, face, shoulder, arm, thigh There are various measures to prevent the injuries by making sure that the muscles and joints are properly warmed up, protective gears are used, doing proper cool-down exercises. Sports injuries physiotherapy should be done under the guidance of a trained and experienced physiotherapist. Sports in which injuries occur most commonly are football, cricket , soccer, athletics .


Sports injuries physiotherapy significance

Depending on the kind of injury, it takes a number of weeks or months to recover completely.

Mostly sports injuries treatment involves sports physical therapy along with proper medication to bring relief to the athletes. In fact, physiotherapy in sports injury has proven to be quite useful in the rapid recovery and treatment of athletes as it is one of the most trusted forms of treatment with proven results.
Most of the sports team have their own physiotherapist travelling with them while on tournament so the therapist travelling with team has the additional responsibility of looking after the medical, nutritional, and psychological needs of players besides working on their physical strengths .

Sports Injuries physiotherapy  helps with gentle exercises which helps the effected   tissues and muscles for the restoration of complete movement before the injury level. The physiotherapists gradually introduce various stretching and strengthening exercises as soon as the pain subsides .Sports physiotherapists set recovery programs as per the type of injury, so as to better facilitate the entire recovery process.

Prevention tips

Sports injuries can be prevented by following simple additional tips in daily routine program.
Drinking enough water so as to prevent dehydration, proper education of athletes on proper diet and nutrition, maintenance of sports gears and equipment by checking them periodically , proper health checkup of sportsmen before every game, enforcement of warmup and cool down routine, strength training depending on the specific sport to be played and following stretching program so as to relax the muscles after training .
Most important points for injury prevention are correcting the poor technique or biomechanical alignment abnormalities and training , competing at appropriate venues / places and surfaces with adequate clothing , footwear and protective equipment .we are providing best sports injuries physiotherapy in chandigarh, mohalipanchkula ,zirakpur and kharar. You can get assessed and recover under guidance of our experts.

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