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physiotherapy chandigarh

Physiotherapy Chandigarh

Physiotherapy is also known as physical therapy. Physiotherapy or physiotherapy Chandigarh is use to treat problems related with bones, muscles and joints. Moreover, physiotherapist plays a vital role in treating sports injuries. A therapist can make a person walk who’s on a wheelchair. Main purpose of physiotherapy is treating patients with modalities and exercises without giving them medicine. I have heard somewhere that physiotherapy can add life to your living years. Also we can say physiotherapist helps in injury prevention and helps in increasing strength and endurance of body. Therefore, promoting health and fitness. It also plays a main role in rehabilitation protocol after an operation.

Physiotherapy Chandigarh work in the areas of exercise therapy, electro therapy, manipulation, treating a deformity and many more. Some people think physiotherapy is all about massage but I want to tell them Not only patients but common clients can also visit to physiotherapist for the awareness of their health. all that its a whole wide field of various techniques for giving better life to patients..

Home Physiotherapy Chandigarh

  1. You can visit to physiotherapist or can take home physiotherapy in chandigarh  not only for pain relief but also to maintain your strength and endurance. Physiotherapist approaches to your mental health also to make you comfortable in the therapy sessions. They work in all sectors i.e clinics, hospitals, rehabilitation centres and even give home sessions. It is always recommended to wear loose fitting clothes because you might have to perform some physical activity or exercise. Reasons to see a physiotherapist:
    • To maintain mobility and range of motion
    • To take advice about our body
    • To strengthen muscles
    • To maintain accurate breathing patterns
    • For pain relief
    • For manual therapies
    • For rehabilitation purposes
    Physiotherapist clinical practice areas include
    • Orthopaedics
    • Neurosciences
    • Geriatrics
    • Pediatrics
    •Cardiopulmonary rehabilitation
    • Sports injuries
    • Research
    • Women’s health

Physiotherapy in Sports

Role of physiotherapist in sports:
Physiotherapist has an important work in sports. Their main role is to prevent injuries and rehabilitation after an injury. However physiotherapy word itself means therapy by physical means. Hence, physiotherapist works on all over strength and endurance of athletes. Even work on particular muscles if needed.
Moreover giving full education of warm up and cool down before and after game to prevent injuries is a role of physiotherapist. Also helps in the treatment of injuries at the time of sports based on the principle RICE.

Physiotherapy for old age

Role of physiotherapy in geriatrics:
Old generation is more prone to injuries and serious health problems. Well physiotherapists also work in the field of geriatrics. Osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, frozen shoulder, low back ache, neck pain and many more are common conditions seen in elderly people. By giving particular exercises program and using various pain relieving modalities, physiotherapist helps in geriatric conditions also.

Post Surgery Physiotherapy

Role of physiotherapist post surgery:
Here comes the physiotherapist again when there are post surgery complications. Stiffness,pain, contracture,loss of range of motion are some common complications after surgery..

Physiotherapy in Children

Physiotherapy plays very important role in paediatric patients. Children suffering from down syndrome, cerebral-palsy etc need special care while getting treatment. Preterm delivery, ischaemic brain injury while delivery can lead to many physical problems in children. Physiotherapy  chandigarh place very important role in their life. Physiotherapy can help them leading to normal life. Paediatric patients need Physio from months to years. Specific rehabilitation programs are made for particular need of a patient.

Physiotherapy also helps in patients suffering from autism. Whether Delayed milestones, Gait problems, balance problem, coordination problem Physiotherapy is the key to manage all of them.Patience is the important key while attending paediatric patients. Physiotherapist also provide emotional support to the children to get rid of problems easily and efficiently

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