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Why Every Sports Person Need Physiotherapist

Today in this article we will take a look at the unwritten role of physiotherapists who all work behind the curtains with sports persons. How they prevent injuries and why they are so important in improving the overall performance of sports people .We are here to change the perspective of people who all tend to […]

The Power Of Physiotherapy-Your Key To Healing

INTRODUCTION Physiotherapy not only decreases chances of injury but also helps maintain injury and helps sports people get good service and better care. Physiotherapists who are becoming the part of all sports support team staff. Whose role is so important nowadays that more and more youngsters are choosing this as their career option. People have […]

Physiotherapy at Home: The Top 7 Merits You Need to Know

Physiotherapy at home (also called outpatient physiotherapy) is exactly what it sounds like—therapy performed in the comfort of your own home! Though it’s not as effective as receiving treatment in a fully-equipped physiotherapy center, studies have shown that physiotherapy at home can be more beneficial than traditional over-the-counter pain medications and even speed up recovery. […]

Benefits Of Opting For Physiotherapy At Home

The benefits of home physiotherapy can be identified as it gives you complete access to high-quality physiotherapy programs and equipment in the privacy of your own home. Moreover, it’s convenient, cost-effective, and easy to use! At Dr. Aneja Physiotherapy Services, we provide in-home physiotherapy services that allow you to keep up with your routine and […]

Physiotherapy at home in Chandigarh

Home Physiotherapy plays important role in life of people seeking physiotherapy in routine. Many neurological and orthopedic conditions requires physiotherapy for longer period of time. some conditions like  Multiple sclerosis can require physiotherapy support for life time.  Physiotherapy at home in Chandigarh helps such patient in getting the best physiotherapy care at home . Experienced […]

Physiotherapy in Chandigarh

For Physiotherapy in Chandigarh today’s topic is back pain Physiotherapy in Chandigarh Tricity.Low back pain means pain originates in the back region of the patient. There are various Spinal vertebra which are affected in this case. More prominent vertebras which are involved in the pathology that is L4 and L5.These both vertebraes are mainly involved […]

Physiotherapy Chandigarh

Physiotherapy is also known as physical therapy. Physiotherapy or physiotherapy Chandigarh is use to treat problems related with bones, muscles and joints. Moreover, physiotherapist plays a vital role in treating sports injuries. A therapist can make a person walk who’s on a wheelchair. Main purpose of physiotherapy is treating patients with modalities and exercises without […]

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