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physiotherapy at home in chandigarh

Physiotherapy at home in Chandigarh

Home Physiotherapy plays important role in life of people seeking physiotherapy in routine. Many neurological and orthopedic conditions requires physiotherapy for longer period of time. some conditions like  Multiple sclerosis can require physiotherapy support for life time.  Physiotherapy at home in Chandigarh helps such patient in getting the best physiotherapy care at home . Experienced Physiotherapist take  Physiotherapy home visit in Chandigarh and provide the required physiotherapy at home in Chandigarh. Even Orthopedic conditions like Osteo arthritis need Physiotherapy for long durations.


Arthritis in a condition of progressive degeneration of the articular cartilage which leads to inflammation of synovial joint. Osteo arthritis  is the main type of arthritis which occur in knee joint. It occurs in the knee joint as the knee joint is weight-bearing joint so by increasing weight And age, there is improper loading over the knee joint so the biomechanics of knee joint hinders. Due to increasing age, the density of bone becomes weak So there will be weakening of bone and joint. This lead to the weakening of the muscles and ligaments which later on tend to become painful and stiff.

Signs & Symptoms

1.  Pain
3.Deformity-genu valgum
4. Restricted ROM in the knee joint
5.Cracking sound produced by knee due to decreased synovial fluid.
6. Difficulty in climbing stairs and cross leg sitting.
7.Waddling Gait pattern shown in patient as patient tend to walk with wider Base of Support.


X-ray reveals
◦ Reduction of joint space.
◦Osteophyte formation.
◦Subchondral sclerosis.
◦Decreased bone densit



◦ Analgesics
◦Topical NSAIDS
◦Intra-articular steroid injection
◦Vitamin-B Complex
◦Strengthening exercises-isometrics of quadriceps,VMO strengthening, dynamic squads.
◦Stretching exercises-stretchings of Hamstrings,Calf,Piriformis,Gluteus maximus.
◦Joint mobilisation- done on patellofemoral joint and tibio-femoral joint. Gliding of patella done to increase efficiency of patella for patella tracking mechanism.
◦Range of motion exercises- Knee flexion and knee extension. Used to increase ROM of knee joint.
◦TENS ( Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation ) – Used to decrease pain.
◦IFT (Interferencial current)- used to decrease pain in diffuse area.
◦Ultrasound therapy- Use of ultrasonic waves to decrease muscle spasm and stiffness.
◦NMES (Neuro Muscular Electrical Stimulation)- used if muscles (e.g- Quadriceps) are very weakened so to stimulate and activate the muscle,NMES is used.

Physiotherapy at home in Chandigarh

Physiotherapy at home in Chandigarh plays vital role for knee arthritis patients. Patients need to do regular exercises in the guidance of experienced and qualified physio to reduce the rate of progress of arthritis and to recover .we provide that in very economical charges. book your physiotherapy  session and feel the difference from very first day. 

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