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Physiotherapy in Chandigarh

physiotherapy in chandigarh

For Physiotherapy in Chandigarh today’s topic is back pain Physiotherapy in Chandigarh Tricity.Low back pain means pain originates in the back region of the patient. There are various Spinal vertebra which are affected in this case. More prominent vertebras which are involved in the pathology that is L4 and L5.These both vertebraes are mainly involved because of increased mobility of flexion (Forward bending)and extension(Backward bending)and obviously rotational movement. Many patients suffering from low back pain due to various reasons like increased age,increased weakening of the back muscles, degeneration of the bones specially spine and due to other pathological or orthopaedic reasons. Low back pain usually common in obese patient and old-age patient but also in younger age group due to sedentary lifestyle and bad posture. Posture plays an important role in aggravating pain in lower back because there should be proper alignment of the vertebra to hold the muscles in proper position.


Low back pain usually occur due to increased or straightening of Lumbar lordosis. If there is increased or straightening of lumbar lordosis the whole posture of the spine is malaligned. Physiotherapy in chandigarh helps in assessment. LBP can be lead to lower cross syndrome in which one group of muscles get tightened and other gets weakened. In the lower cross syndrome tightened muscles are thoraco-lumbar extensors and hip flexors whereas weakened muscles are abdominals and gluteus maximus. Most patient feels pain in lumbar region which can also radiates in thigh or leg (If nerve is involved). Pain usually aggravates in forward bending or by lifting the heavyweights,it increases during activity like prolonged standing prolonged sitting and climbing stairs etc. Young adults can also suffer because of the bad posture and prolonged incorrect sitting and lying. There are many pathological conditions that leads to low back pain that is PIVD, scoliosis, Muscle strain, sciatica,osteoarthritis of spine.

Why People suffer low back pain ?

People suffer low back pain due to improper posture sedentary lifestyle,incorrect prolonged sitting or standing, obesity, increased age factor due to prolonged driving or sitting in front of the computer or office work there is increase chances of having low back pain. 
Increased age factor is also main reason because due to increased age there is possibility of degenerative changes in the spine like in case of osteoarthritis and osteoporosis.
Incorrect posture leads to increase chances of having sclerotic changes and muscular problems. 
 Due to obesity, there is increased load on muscles which are weak and so they put improper loading over the spinal vertebrae.

Difference in Muscular and Neurological back pain


Tenderness present always.

Involves muscle of lumbar region.

Pain only in back region and not radiating towards thigh or leg.

Numbness and tingling sensation is absent.

Tightness and soreness.

Pain is mild to moderate.

Usually dull ache pain .

Pain is localized.


Tenderness present or maybe absent.

Involves nerve mainly sciatic nerve.

Pain in lower back and travels in thigh or leg.

Numbness and tingling sensation is present.

Pain can be severe if nerve is involved.

Sharp shooting pain.

Pain is more common in nerve pathway.

Pain travels one area to another.

Management of Lower Back Pain.

It can be divided into Medical treatment and Physiotherapy treatment.

◦Muscle relaxants
◦vitamin B complex
◦Topical pain relief gels.

Physiotherapy in Chandigarh for LBP

Hot pack – It can apply to 10 to 15 minutes. 
  Uses of hot pack – To increase blood circulation, to pain relief and to relax the muscles.
2.ICE pack- It can be applied for 8-10 mins.( If swelling is present)Uses – To reduce swelling. To reduce pain.


◦ Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation- (TENS)- It has electrodes which are applied on painful trigger points by producing tingling type of sensation and applied directly to the skin. It involves The use of mild electric current.
Uses – To relief pain and to minimize the effect of nociceptors( pain receptors).
Ultrasound–  It is the device that produces ultrasound waves and transferred to the patient’s tissues and bones. Uses of ultrasound is to reduce pain, to break down the scar, Relax tissue tension and to increase blood circulation.
◦Short Wave diathermy (SWD) – It is the treatment that uses electromagnetic energy to produce deep heating to joint and soft tissue. The form of heat applied is for deeper structures. Uses – To relieve a joint pain and  improve soft tissue healing.
◦Interferential current – It is also a mechanical device which has four electrodes that produces tingling sensation to reduce the pain and diffuse area. It delivers continues stimulation deep to the affected tissue.
Exercise therapy-
◦Stretching exercises technique to loosen up to tight muscles.
◦Strengthening exercises technique to strengthen the weak muscles.
◦Myofascial release technique to relax the trigger points and stiffness.
◦Gait training it is used to improve posture and walking pattern of the patient so to avoid unnecessary movements
You can also request for home physiotherapy in chandigarh for lower back pain

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