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Why Every Sports Person Need Physiotherapist

Today in this article we will take a look at the unwritten role of physiotherapists who all work behind the curtains with sports persons. How they prevent injuries and why they are so important in improving the overall performance of sports people .We are here to change the perspective of people who all tend to underestimate the role of physiotherapist.

We will also talk about the advancement of physiotherapy in Chandigarh and how home physiotherapy is becoming more and more popular among people.

Do All Sports Person Need A Physiotherapist?

No matter if you are a professional sports person or aspiring to become one, You will always need a physiotherapist. Not only are they needed to treat injuries but also to prevent it in the first place and make your skills better over time within physiological safe limits.

What Is The Physiological Limit Of The Human Body?

From the perspective of a doctor or a physiotherapist, the physiological limit of a human is How much a person’s body can handle the strain caused by all the training and movement of the body without causing any physical damage!

They know perfectly when to prevent and how to treat a particular injury. They have thorough study and experience of which injury is common in which sport. Without them the journey is harder and much unsafer. By this you not only limit your progress but also become more prone to permanent injuries which can totally put a stop to your sports aspirations.

Roles Of Physiotherapist!

  1. Eye On Athletic Performance:-

Physiotherapist looks forward to how you can improve better by working on some particular skills. They can teach you the fastest and safest way to master a particular skill. They have the whole data of how body physiology works and guide you according to it.

There was a time when physiotherapy was not taken so seriously that’s why the skills set of old players used to be so low as compared to new modern era sports persons. Some of its examples are – advancement in long jump and breaking of records in javelin.

  1. Prevention Of Injury:-

If you are a fan of cricket you must know fast bowlers get so few peaks in their career and how they end up being injured so frequently. Injuries can be very dangerous and must never be ignored. Physiotherapists know how to manage and prevent those injuries so that you can practise in a much safer way and continue mastering your skills.

If someone gets injured they know exactly how to deal with it and limit the permanent damage to it. In the 18th century the career span of a sports person was shockingly low. Now modern day players have around 3 times the career time and are way more skilled.

  1. Injury rehabilitation:-

Injuries are unavoidable! When sportspeople practise so many hours a day, injury is pretty common. Here the role of physiotherapist is to minimise the probability of getting injured and if got an injury maintaining it and providing rehabilitation in case of permanent injury. Rehabilitation includes mental and physical support to a person and making possible recovery faster with much less loss.

The Paralympics is one of the main examples of this. Some people unfortunately lose their vital mobility function in an accident or some medical abnormality.Physiotherapist helps them come out of their own depressed zone and prepares them to fight for their country in various sports events and make them more confident in life. This has a huge impact on their lives and they start doing much better in their lives than previously they were.

Overall Growth Of Physiotherapy Industry

From India’s most remote areas in well developed urban zones physiotherapists are using their skills to help in rehabilitation programs held by many NGOs or the government itself. Especially in Chandigarh where people are adapting the new modern sports culture and training lots of youngsters in physiotherapy and taking the sports culture of Chandigarh to a whole new level. Their sportspeople are now getting well updated about how injuries can be so harmful for their career and their own physical health.

There is a big BOOM of therapists in neurorehabilitation and musculoskeletal rehabilitation programs helping thousands of people in chandigarh getting them a better quality of life.

Home Physiotherapy And It’s Advantages

Nowadays physiotherapy sessions are available at the comfort of home where physiotherapists themselves come to your home and give exercise and counselling sessions to people who have some sort of injury or abnormality.

This are some of the advantages of home physio sessions:-

  1. no wastage of time
  2. reduced travelling cost
  3. better comfort
  4. better counselling of family
  5. specialised physiotherapy session
  6. remote monitoring of people online via app.

More and more people are getting used to home counselling and physiotherapy sessions at home where they no longer need to travel to a particular clinic and can get better and faster recovery.

Whether its in-home visits or home-based physiotherapist sessions, sportspeople are getting better support and better services to make their life goals a little more easier to achieve.


In brief, on every level of sports a physiotherapist can greatly impact their play and help them achieve their goals faster and in a much safer way.

More and more sports teams are getting permanent spots for physiotherapists in their support staff and their importance in every sports is increasing day by day.

Chandigarh where health care service is struggling, home based physiotherapy sessions are emerging as a new hope among people.

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