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Physiotherapy after Total Knee Replacement Surgery.

Why we need Physiotherapy after Total knee Replacement surgery? To understand that let’s discuss about Total Knee Replacement (TKR) surgery. In nowadays total knee replacement has become very common in geriatric patients because of knee pain. Physiotherapy after total knee replacement surgery has gain importance too. It has become one of the option to get rid of discomfort due to  knee arthritis.

What is Total Knee Replacement surgery?

Knee joint is made by four bones  thigh bone (femur), lower leg bones (tibia and fibula) and knee cap (patella). Parts of these bones involved in making knee joint are covered with cartilage. Arthritis as name suggests is inflammation of joints. This inflammation is in response to wear and tear of these structures in the joint. In knee replacement surgery part of these bones are replaced with artificial implants.

physiotherapy after total knee replacement surgery

Important points while deciding Knee Replacement surgery.

Knee Surgery is Major surgery as part of our body is replaced with artificial implants. No matter how best we can do it, it can never be same as natural joint. It has some restrictions that has to be taken care to minimize the discomfort and maximize the benefit out of it. So here are few points that that we can consider while making up mind for total knee replacement surgery.

  • Choice of Surgeon and Implant: It’s very important to find the best surgeon for your surgery. Try considering more of quality of surgeries that surgeon has done than quantity of surgeries he did in an hour ,week ,month or year. Because you need better joints than to be in list of patients who were part of world record. sometimes large number of surgeries over power number of failed surgeries. Market is full with many imported and Indian knee implants. Surgeon with good surgical skills can make any reputed company’s implant work. 
  • Choice of Institution: Quality of operation theatre and institute’s hygiene are very significant for a successful surgery. In spite of modern modular theatres and hygiene maneuvers infective joints are not uncommon. So it’s very important to find an institution that promises best operation theatres and post surgery hygiene care.
  • Choice of Time:  Total knee Replacement surgery is elective surgery most of the times. so it can be planned comfortably. Try avoiding extreme weather and rainy season. Other than that knee replacement surgery can be planned anytime in a year.
  • General Health : Comorbidities have significant effect on results of TKR. So try to minimize the lifestyle diseases before going for surgery. Other than that medical institutions will make you go through general and cardiac clearance before clearing you fit for surgery. People having heart ailments have the option of getting one joint replacement at a time.
  • Stage of Osteoarthritis: Total Knee Replacement is advisable mostly at 3+ grade of osteoarthritis. You can ask your doctor about stage of your arthritis. In many cases TKR  is choice of surgery unrelated to grade of arthritis.

Physiotherapy After Total knee Replacement surgery

Physiotherapy exercises plays vital role in getting maximum out of (TKR) surgery. Arthritis affects joints badly leading to weakness in knee muscles. Altered bio mechanics of joint put muscles under extra stress. Even during surgery, surgeon has to go through the muscles. It’s like trauma to the muscles. Physiotherapy helps in regaining strength of muscles .Providing more stability to the joint.

 Physiotherapy has numerous benefits after surgery that includes

  • Decreased stiffness
  • Increased range of motion
  • Proper gait pattern
  • Decreased pain and discomfort
  • Strong muscles
  • Stable joints
  • Minimize complications
  • Increased confidence 
  • Decreased risk of injuries

As patient has to take rest post surgery ,physiotherapy gains its importance. Patient can request for home physiotherapy session .Physiotherapist can come at patient’s place and give full physiotherapy session. This helps in decreasing the chances of infection and injury .As patient don’t need to visit physiotherapy Centre everyday for his session. It is also advisable to get physiotherapy sessions before getting surgery .It helps in recovery after surgery.

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