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Physiotherapist in Zirakpur and mohali

Physiotherapist in Zirakpur and Mohali

Physotherapist in zirakpur and mohali helps you regain confidence back in life after injury. Injury can be as a result of bad posture. Posture is the way someone keep his body while sitting, standing , walking , sleeping etc. the correct posture is very important as bad posture can be the reason of muscle spasm, disc problems, nerve impingements, joint pathologies in significant number of people. so if we take care of posture we can avoid the later condition that arise cause of bad posture.

It is observed that people working on computers or mobile phones for longer durations can have front shoulder or round shoulder along with forward head posture. It lead to various problems related to cervical spine. Similarly longer sitting shifts lead to problem of lower back. e.g. Lower back pain, disc problems , straightening of lumbar spine , muscle spasms etc.

Walking in wrong posture also lead to joint pathologies of lower limb along with problems related to spine because of abnormal pelvic tilting. Similarly sleeping in wring posture lead to problems related to neck or cervical spine. we can easily avoid many problems just by maintaining correct posture. At Dr. Aneja Physiotherapy Services , We assess your posture and do joint adjustments along with muscles conditioning to improve your work efficiency and quality of life. Contact us today for physiotherapy for posture correction in Zirakpur, Mohali, Chandigarh, Kharar and Derabassi.

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