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Physiotherapy for painful knees

Knee pain is very common in every age group of people.Reason for knee pain is different in young age group and older age group.

Reason for knee pain can be:

.Soft tissue: injury like ligament sprain and muscle strain

.Ruptured ligaments: ACL or anterior cruciate ligament is very common to get affected in young age group of people and sports person involved in sudden sopping and running activities

.Meniscus injury: knee has two disc shape meniscus called medial and lateral meniscus. Injury to meniscus can cause pain during movement and weight bearing.

.Bursitis: is inflammation of bursa. Bursitis can cause pain around knee and discomfort while walking.

.Tendonitis: patellar tendonitis is most common in sports person and its one of the common sports injury.

.Chondromalacia patellae: is a condition where there is destruction of patellar cartilage leading to knee pain.

.Osteoarthritis: destruction of articular cartilage and as name explains is inflammation of joints

.Rheumatoid arthritis: cause stiffness and pain in joints, thus decreased range of motion.

.Infection: can cause swelling and pain in knee joint.

.Fracture: thigh bone, patella or lower leg bone can cause pain around knee joint.

Treatment of knee joint depends on underlying cause of pain and physiotherapy helps in most of the mild to severe conditions related to knee joint. Various exercises protocols , electronic modalities , mobilization help in relieving knee pain. Our experience doctors are here to provide you relief from knee pain in mohali, zirakpur, chandigarh, panchkula and kharar. So if you want to get physiotherapy for knee pain in zirakpur, mohali, chandigarh, panchkula and kharar,you can contact us.

We are also providing home physiotherapy for knee pain.

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