Fracture is a condition in which there is breakage in continuity of bone.Fracture can be result of sudden force on bone , as in trauma  and it can be because of some medical probem like osteoporosis. Fractures as a result of trauma are called traumatic fractures and becuase of some underlying medical condition are called Pathologic fracture. Fractures are differentiated by the type of mark it makes on the bone ,it can be very mild  as in Hairline Fracture where there is very fine fracture line on bone or very complex as in comminuted fracture where bone gets broken in small pieces at fracture site. Other types of fractures include spiral,transverse,compression,oblique fracture.

    Once bone is fractured the healing process started at same time.Healing of bone or joining of fractures depend on various factors like type of fracture,age of patient,suppliments,other underlying diseases,gender,type of bone,location of fracture etc.Factures can be managed conservatively by giving plaster cast or splints and surgically by open reduction also.in both ways of management there is a phase of immobility ,that lead to tight muscles ,fascia and stiffness in joints.so post fracture rehabilitation is imortant part of fractures management.Physiotherapy play vital role in rehab. and physiotherapist helps patient to regain mobility of joints around fracture.we provide physiotherapy for fractures in mohali,zirakpur,panchkula,chandigarh,kharar.


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