• Total Knee Replacement

    Knee joint is the modified hindge synovial joint. It's a weight bearing joint in leg.It is made by thigh bone (Femur) and lower leg bone (tibia) and one small knee cap bone (Patella).Total knee Replacement is surgical procedure in which articular areas of the joint are replacement with the artificial joint.Most common cause of articular surface damage is osteoarthritis, cartilage lining on the bony ends in the joint gets erode with age leading to decrease in joint space.other reasons that can lead to total knee replacement are Rheumatoid arthritis, Infections,Osteopenia,osteoporosis,Over weight,trauma,overuse etc.

    Physiotherapy play important role in arthritis.In earlier stages of arthritis physiotherapy can help in relieving pain and discomfort .strengthening of muscles support joint and prevent further deterioration of joint. Post knee replacement surgery physiotherapy helps patient to regain mobility back and by Gait training patient relearn to attain correct posture during walk.we provide physiotherapy for total knee replacement in tricity.