Normal human spine has curvatures from front to back ,above shoulders and in lower back spine.These curvatures are very important for normal mobility of the spine.Scoliosis is sideways curvature of the spine. it can be 'C' shape or 'S' shape. Mild scoliosis can cause pain and discomfort but severe and increasing scoliosis can cause problems related to breathing. It can be caused due to genetic problems,cerebral palsy,muscular dystrophy,muscle spasms etc.Scoliosis can be diagnosed by Physical assement and Radiological investigations.

    Treatment of scoliosis depends on severity of the condition.Mild or postural scoliosis can be treated with Bracing support ,postural changes, Physiotherapy.In severe and deteriorating conditions where angle is more than 40 degrees surgical interventions are required.We asses the level of severity and provide physiotherapy for scoliosis in mohali,chandigarh ,panchkula and zirakpur.


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